UK Blog Awards 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016 | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

I am super excited to be writing this post. One of you bloody awesome readers recently nominated my little old blog for the 2015 UK Blog Awards, it’s a pretty big deal! 

First off…who ever you are, a massive thanks to you, I believe it’s an awards that you can enter your own blog in to but honestly for me this whole thing I have going on is more rewarding than you’d ever believe and I’m not the sort of person to chase approval and chase rewards. Seriously, to be nominated for an award is more than I can fathom and the fact someone enjoys my ramblings enough to put me forward for an award, that’s truly humbling. 

I do this because I genuinely love it, the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met all because I jot some thoughts down and post it on the internet, such a simple thing has had such a huge impact in my life to an extent I could never put in to words. 

I just want to say thanks, thanks for the support - there’s so many truly awesome bloggers around that I don’t honestly think I can even compare myself to, but we all do different things and I think the support I’ve had from within the community has been epic. Thanks to you for reading, I’d still do this even if I had a few hundred readers, we’re thousands and thousands strong now and the audience is growing everyday, I just want to make content you’ll enjoy so your feedback is always the best I could wish for.

Also a huge thanks to all the brands I have worked with, heck I never thought I’d be recognised but I’m now working with global brands, working on sponsorship deals and I feel truly immersed in the industry. 

So, I guess all that’s to say now is if you enjoy what I do, drop me a vote…you can do this by clicking here and entering a few deets, it’s pretty simple!