A Firm Hold

Swagger & Jacks | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

As I have mentioned a few times now, the folks from Swagger and Jacks hooked me up with loads of their products to try out. This time I tried their Defining Creme - this is an extreme hold creme that adds tonnes of texture and shape to your hair, it doesn't dry solid so throughout the day you can ruffle your hair to add even more look to it.

It smells good and fresh which is exactly what you want for your barnet - I hate those ones that smell like clay, why would I want that in my hair?! It rubs in really well - doesn't leave any of those nasty white streaks…they are not a good look!

It’s £13.50 for a tin (Travel size also available super cheap), they’re a really good size and it’ll for sure take you a while to use it up. I love a good tin, they’re great for chucking in your bag if you’re travelling, on flights or just away for a weekend, they don’t take up a tonne of room and can take a good battering. I used this product to style my hair for the shoot of the picture above and I think it works really well, my hair doesn't look too heavy with product but it’s being held really well! You can pick up a tin here!