Sock It To Me

Rock My Socks | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

The folks over at Rock My Socks, an Aussie sock brand asked if they could hook me up with some snazzy new socks, I love a pair of new socks, the soft feel is just 😍 

I didn't actually realise to start with that they were a brand based in Australia, so I was pretty surprised when the package turned up and had stamps from the land of Oz. 

Their website… is literally full of funky sock designs, from spots to stripes, this technicolour webstore caters for just about everyone…even you zig-zag lovers! 

They ship all over the globe from Australia to the UK, plus the US and Europe - no matter where you are there is absolutely no excuse for you to be wearing your Sunday socks (holey…holy…get it? *mild titter*) 

The prices for the socks are as follows: Australia $15, UK £8, Europe €10.99 and USA $12.00 - you can head over and select your location here!

What do you think? Are you a black sock lover or a snazzy sock supremo?