Should've Gone to Specsavers!


I haven't blogged for a little while, mainly due to my crazy busy life. However, this had to be written. Bad customer service is a massive hate of mine and this is one of those instances from an online retailer that have shown themselves to be lackadaisical liars.


I am super excited to be heading abroad in a matter of days. We all like to look rad and snazzy when sunning it up on the beaches of sunnier shores. As you may know, I have to wear prescription lenses so always like to pay that little bit extra to get a hold of some nice sunglasses.

I was dead set on a pair of limited edition wooden Ray Ban frames but sadly couldn't get them on the highstreet so headed to the trusty internet and did some searching. SelectSpecs, an online specs company had the best shipping dates and the best prices, all of which fit in exactly so they would arrive before I left for sunnier climes.

So I headed to their website and ordered me a pair of my dream glasses. Well dear reader this is where it all started to go down hill. Quite frankly that's putting it kindly, it was s**t. I was totally aware that the glasses would take a maximum of 12 working days and I was cool with that, it would mean I would get them a week before my vacation and everyone would be happy, especially me.

However, after a week of waiting for the imminent arrival of my shiny specs, I get a lovely generic email from the brand, you know one of those 'Oh we're totes sorry but you know those glasses, yeah we aren't going to bother sending them for like at least another 10 working days, but thanks for the money.' Swines. The first thing I did was ring them, I was 'assisted' by useless being numero uno who kindly told me (in the most unkind way possible) 'Well they did send you an email so that makes it okay actually' (These were shockingly his actual words) No, moron - this is NOT OKAY! After the call I had an email from useless being numero dos reiterating that I had already been emailed, seriously this company repeat themselves more than Dave repeat Mock The Week.

Working in Social Media, I know how damn important it is to offer the very best customer service on Twitter. SelectSpecs blatently see themselves as an acception to this rule. 'The delay is down to specialist glazing of which you've been informed by Alina' - Well thankyou for repeating the same thing AGAIN! - Many of my tweets have been ignored by them, they really couldn't care less about the people (such as I) that help to keep them in employment and out of the Job Centre.

Overall, the brand are rude, they make up what they don't know, blame the customer and do as little as possible to help you. In other words steer well clear of SelectSpecs. I've seen a lot of bloggers that 'love' the brand - they mainly love them because they're easily influenced individuals that think a free product means they have to write a good review. I am pretty sure if they paid what I paid for my glasses, they wouldn't be so thrilled with the brand.

The service is shoddy, the customer care is shoddy and sadly I don't think they'll ever improve. Should've Gone To Specsavers could not be more of an accurate tagline for a company. I only suggest SelectSpecs try 'Shoddy, Rude and Couldn't Care Less' as their tagline.