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Ray Ban RB7046 Erika Optical Vision Express | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Can you believe this is the last in the current run of my Vision Express collab? Don’t fear, though, the deal has been extended and there is going to be loads more VE content on the blog, we actually have some awesome ideas so keep your eyes peeled for content and announcements! 

These rather snazzy Ray Ban’s are a little different from the style I would ever really tend to go for, heck they are a lot different. This rounded style is really popular at the minute, glasses wearers will totally get me when I say something like this is WAY out of my comfort zone…I was that kid that grew up and had basically the same pair of glasses each time, so when Laura from Vision Express pulled these out I was a bit sceptical! I agreed to trying them on and actually quite like them…

These Ray Ban NAME aren't really the sort I wear day-to-day but when I am headed to an event or something it’s definitely more the style I would wear, something a little different! These glasses are super lightweight, seriously the matte tortoiseshell specs are somehow thin and light but amazingly strong (fine, I’ll admit it…I dropped them 😬…but they’re fine!*). 

Ray Ban RB7046 Erika Optical Vision Express | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

I have had a 1.67 thin lens put in these, this makes the glasses even more lightweight, whilst having your lenses thinned down can cost more, I would recommend it with this style of frame, otherwise it may look like you’re peering through jars. It just gives a very nice flat look to the lens, perfect if you’re hitting a red carpet as it gives better dimension to your glasses and eyes when flash is used. 

These glasses are available by special order only using model code 155306 - they are more than worth it, they offer a really quirky look, superior quality and comfort, you’ll be more than happy with these. Why not book yourself an eye test at your local Vision Express store and give these a try…whilst you’re there check out their huge range of Ray Ban glasses, you’ll be impressed by the amount of different styles they have available! 

These glasses were kindly given to me free of charge by Vision Express, however all the views expressed are my own…I don't take bribes.

*I wouldn't recommend testing quality by dropping glasses, this was purely by accident and I wouldn't suggest dropping them…look after them with your life!