May Degusta Box

So to everyone's surprise, I am still alive and blogging - I've had a pretty busy week as I have a new job I am starting and have been doing a little prep for it, thus the blog has taken a back seat! Not for long my pretties because the lovely people over at Degusta Box contacted me again and asked if I wanted to try out ANOTHER box! Erm, free food? I think so! And this time I have a giveaway too, I'll explain that in a bit.

I don’t want to praise Degusta any more than last time for fear of sounding sickly sweet but I really do love their work. Here's a list of the bits that were in the box this month...

  • Crabbie's Ginger Beer

  • Lint Lindor Chocolate x3 bars

  • Cawston Press Rhubarb drink

  • Clearspring Miso on the go x2

  • GO! Splash

  • Keoghs Crisps

  • McVitie's Mini Rolls x2 packs

  • Dr Oetker cooks chocolate x2 bars

  • Mornflake superfast pots x2 pots

NOM! I am currently working my way through the products and have loved most of them so far...I say most. I tried out the Miso soup by Clearspring, it seemed like a super quick and good idea for if you're out and about or in the office or something, however, the soup is way too over salted, you cant taste anything other than salt which is a really disappointing, fair enough I am not a soup lover normally but this just didn’t taste very good at all, real shame.

Other than that I cannot fault the box at all, it remains one of my current favourite things, its so simplistic but just such a cool idea. I really do love endorsing Degusta and there isn't really any more to say on the matter!