Lord of The Manor

Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Did you have the best Christmas?! I hope you did! 

Ah there’s nothing better than being gentry, right? I recently look a stroll around my house and grounds (ha, I wish) because that’s just something Lord Squire does. I thought i’d snap a few pics along the way and show you my winter style.

Sam Squire uk male fashion blogger

Plaid and black play a pretty strong game in my winter wardrobe, nothing beats a nice warm plaid shirt. I tend to wear them in different ways, with this shirt I simply did up the top button and wore a dark undershirt but sometimes you can just leave it completely open, I just found it slightly chilly. 

My jeans are of course from Topman. Those of you who are established followers of mine will know that the only brand of jeans I ever wear (and actually own) are Topman’s Spray on Skinny, I love the fit and just find them super comfortable, actually the pair I am wearing are about 5 years old…a pure quality item! 

Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

My coat is one of the more recent purchases, is beauty is from River Island and is hands down the best coat I have ever worn, it’s warm, comfortable and looks pretty swanky too. It’s got a vibe of shearling about it but not too much, I don’t want to go for the full Del Boy…

Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Finally my boots, which clearly weren't made for walking on 16th Century cobble stones (or maybe I’m not…) are from Dune, they’re a really soft leather and I genuinely think I could walk for hours in these. I love Chelsea boots, they’re great to complete the look and these ones in particular are the comfiest boots I have ever worn. 

What is your winter staple?