Steal His Style: Kit Harington

As we know, celeb males mostly have on-point style, Kit Harington is no exception to the rule, the super stylish 28 year old actor is the star of the brand new Spooks movie, which I must say I am massively looking forward to - you probably know him from Game of Thrones though! 

Kit was pictured at LAX after touching down reader for the Season 5 premiere of GoT the other day looking seriously stylish - his on-point country boy style caught the eye of numerous media outlets so I thought I would put together a style guide to show you how to Steal His Style whilst not having to take a foot off the High Street, keeping your wallet happy! 

The Tee: Black - keep it simple guys, a black tee is a perfect blank canvas to dress up or dress down, styled in the way he has, Kit has made this a staple for country style, the Sandleford Basic Tee from Jack Wills is a really great slim-fit tee that is made for everyday looks, plus, it’s only £19.50!

The Jacket: The Aptly named Harrington Jacket obviously made an appearance in Kit’s style, the check plaid inside makes it easy to add a subtle flash of colour and pattern to your outfit - the military green is a great colour and super popular this season - the Merc Harrington Jacket from House of Fraser is almost an exact match for Kit’s - I particularly love the red lining on this £90 jacket. 

The Jeans: A light blue skinny jean can do so much for your style - teamed with these earthy colours it makes for a super stylish ensemble! These Levi’s 510’s from Topman are the ultimate in essential jeans. The slightly worn look goes perfectly with this city boy’s country style.

The Boots: Chelsea boots have been a huge part of style for the past year or so, style Gods from around the globe have been donning their boots and creating some seriously stylish looks. The great thing is they can be styled in a huge amount of ways - the Black Suedette Chelsea Boots from New Look come in at a bargain price of £29.99 and can also be styled for casual day wear or dressed up for a posh pardy out in the country!

Team with a pair of shades (probably not if you're in the UK as the sun is yet to be invented here...) and a hat if you fancy for the ultimate style-stealing look!

What do you reckon? Liking or loathing this style? Let me know in zee comments below! Also let me know who’s style YOU want to steal in the comments or on Twitter!