Casetagram Review

casetagram review

Creating a custom phone case is now easier and more fun all thanks to a cool website. I recently got an email from the handsome folks over at Casetagram asking if I wanted to try out one of their cases for the blog. Naturally as a phone case hoarder I said yes!

The speedy drag and drop layout makes adding your Instagram pictures a breeze, simply placing them onto the case. It's a lot of fun as you can see exactly what your phone case will look like when it is done, therefore being able to drag them around until you're happy. I made this process a LOT longer than it needed to be by about 30 minutes. I'm a perfectionist and wanted my case to be exactly what I wanted.

Next step, pick the case you want, mine is the Bezel Bold in black, (also available in clear but I have a funny thing about clear cases so avoided this). The super cool thing about this is you also order the Backplate, this is another piece of plastic that snaps onto the Bezel, which basically makes this THE most versatile case of all time because when you get bored of your case and fancy an update, all you have to buy is the Backplate as it's sure to fit the case! How handy?!

Finally it's the buying part! The Bezel costs $39.95 while the Backplate costs $19.95 - remember though, you only need to buy the bezel once, the backplates can be swapped and changed whenever you fancy.

My thoughts...I'm super impressed, I get a lot of requests for products to be reviewed and so I have done a phone case before by a company called Wrappz. The Wrappz one was actually really poor quality, the pictures blurry and just not worth the money, however the Casetagram case is made from a really thick plastic that feels substantial around your phone. The only complaint I have is that the Backplate doesn’t click in super tight, I feel like if I dropped my phone the Backplate won't do anything to help the phone however this is just my opinion, it may actually work really well at protecting your phone. I love the fact they cater for so many devices, you're sure to find the case for you!

To check out Casetagram Click Here and have a play around until you find the case for you! And the best bit? I've got a 10% off code for all of my readers! Use code SQUIRE10 and save a cool 10% off your order - can't be bad! Give me a follow on Twitter @ImSamSquire and follow Casetagram @Casetagram and tweet us your unique cases!