Buzzing On A Train...

sam squire

Firstly a huge happy new year, I hope you're still disgustingly hungover and burping tequila...seriously though I hope your night was amazing! 

Secondly I am writing this on a train so let's ignore and spelling or grammatical errors....funny story, I just set my electric toothbrush off in my bag and got a whole manner of funny looks from people as to why my bag was vibrating, I didn't know wether to quickly turn it off or just leave it on and deny the fact my bag was in fact buzzing...

As you can see in my home county it was a little snowy last week so I took the opportunity to get some snazzy pics and show off a few new things that I have acquired over the past few weeks and failed to blog about (some you may already recognise).

First off is my trusty parka, this has been with my one, maybe even two years and I got it from River Island, whenever I look for a coat I always try to find something that compares but I am as yet to find one as warm and comfortable as this one. My hat, again is a few years old, I'm not much of a hat person because I have a fivehead but damn it was cold and even this big old head needs some warmth! 

My shirt and jumper are two new things, both from River Island, the shirt is a oversized really soft flannel in a grey check, it's super comfortable especially if you don't like a really fitted shirt, this cost £30 unfortunately I cant link it as it doesnt seem to be on their website!The jumper is my favourite, it's sort of a smart jumper (actually I wore it on NYE, check out the pics below...) it's a ribbed jumper and whilst it's thin it's actually really warm! I've been wanting something like it for a while now, it was one of those immediate purchases without trying on (do any of us guys even bother trying things on?!) this was £35 and again, isn't on their website!

With these I've added a pair of Topman's spray on skinny jeans, they're pretty much the only style of jean I will wear, I don't even bother trying other brands. You can see their HUGE collection of Spray ons HERE!

Finally, on my feet are my new Chatham boots, these featured in a previous blog post - they're so comfy and have been absolutely perfect for this winter, I've never been a fan of boots but these Chelsea boots are definitely worth checking out

See you next time!