Steal His Style: David Beckham (USA)

david beckham

David Beckham. Possible the best dressed man of all time, ever. Today he hit a photo-call for his new H&M collection in Madrid - the usually dapper Becks opted for something a bit more laid back and chill for today’s launch and as usual, he rocked it. 

Lets face it guys, we pretty much all have wanted to steal his style at some point and this getup should be no exception, I have compiled a list of a few things you might want to try out to achieve this laid back, multi-millionnaire look that I dub ‘I Own A Sunseeker’.

The Sneakers: Any logical person would start at the top and work their way up. So, let’s start with the bottom. I personally am not a fan of the suit pants and sneaker look combined…there’s something ever so ‘teacher on a day off’ look about it - nonetheless Becks pulls it off - I recommend the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker…which I am like 80% sure he is wearing. If you're a 90’s kid you’ll remember these as the sneakers you HAD to have in ’99 - they’re making their way back in to fashion and can be bought direct from Adidas for $75 - click here to view and buy!

The Pants: When it comes to suit pants it’s all about what you prefer - personally I am all about a skinny fit, that’s why I would recommend these Topman Navy Skinny Fit pants for $60

The Tee: American Eagle Outfitters are literally the perfect location basic outfit items. I reckon the AEO Legend Crew is perfect to wear under a dark blazer, it doesn't look too in your face, it’s simple and fantastic value for money at $15.95.

The Blazer: Back to Topman now for a blazer, one of my HUGE pet peeves is when people don't wear a matching blazer and pants - like seriously dudes it isn't that hard to match what you wear, give it a try! Luckily the pants I suggest come with a matching Heritage Fit jacket for an extra $250

Add a necklace, rings or other wicked jewellery to dress up this casual look for your next photo-call! Don't forget to click on ‘Like’ below if you liked this post, share a comment, too!