April Faves

So far this month the weather has been pretty promising, the ‘April Showers’ have thus far held of here in The Shire and with a so called ‘heatwave’ on the way the rest of the month is looking pretty blumming good. So, it’s time to start looking good and getting ready for the summer, taking a bit more time on our hair appearance as we don’t have to worry about the rain ruining that morning of hard work. Two great products I want to chat about today are the Men’s 2in1 shampoo/conditioner from Toni&Guy and the Casual sculpting powder from Toni&Guy. I’m actually a newbie to Toni & Guy products – I haven’t ever used them before but I had a money off coupon to use in Boots so I thought I’d give it a try. Originally I was just going for the shampoo but I think it was on offer with the sculpting powder so thought I might as well take full advantage!

Normally I use the Schwarzkopf Powderful styling powder which is quite a strong hold powder, I’ve blogged about it before I believe. The Toni & Guy equivalent is a bit of a finer powder, it took me a while to even get any out of the shaker and when I did it is almost translucent – I find that you actually have to use quite a bit of this to get anywhere near the hold that I get from the Schwarzkopf one but I guess it may just be a looser holding powder. They claim that the powder helps to combat grease as it leaves your hair with a really matte texture, I have to say that’s pretty accurate it’s great to put in half way through the day when your hair is calling out for a bit of assistance. Overall though, it is a really good product, I probably wouldn’t but it again just because I like familiarity so will stick with the powder I am used to, but if you’re getting it in a deal then I’d say it’s worth a try.

My current favourite product right now is the 2in1 Shampoo/Conditioner. I am forever changing my hair care products because I can never find anything that works with my hair, it’s really annoying. Toni & Guy always look like a really high quality brand so I thought I’d try out the 2in1 and see how it went. After the first wash I was really impressed, not only does it smell great but it is really moisturising on my hair and scalp. It left my hair feeling squeaky clean, soft and has done since I started using it. I’m super impressed with it, It was somewhat pricey nearing £7 for a bottle I can get through in about a fortnight but it’s great quality and is currently the best shampoo that I have used to date! Very impressed.

Sam Squire