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What to shop: Holiday Sales

I thought I would put together a super quick roundup of the Boxing Day/Holiday Sales and what different outlets are offering this year

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I became an influencer…

…it certainly seems easy, there are hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of social media accounts claiming to be influencers, their high following and masses of likes makes them an attractive advertising platform but with so much fraud going undetected on Instagram...

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The gift guide for hopeless men

There’s nothing harder than buying for a woman, let’s face it lads buying clothes is THE most terrifying thing you could possibly set out to do. Christmas is all about cheer and there’s nothing worse than a mascara-stained face of your size 8 (soon to be ex) girlfriend holding up a size 18 jumper you bought ‘because she likes the oversized look’…that’s never going to end well!

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Terrible Twos!

Someone pass me some cake…my blog has officially turned two and it’s having a tantrum!

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Very British Style

If there’s one high street shop that is the epitome of British, it’s got to be Marks & Spencer. The super-power retailer is changing its image bit-by-bit. I know they won’t mind me saying this but even just a couple of years back I would have thought of Marks & Spencer and automatically seen it as somewhere you go when you become a dad and need to start dressing like a 40-year-old businessman to be taken seriously.

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Squire Footwear Reveal

If you follow me on social media you’ll have noticed I quietly announced that I am set to launch my own range of shoes for the ultra-stylish man! I am so excited to have the opportunity to put my own style and flair in to a range of shoes that’ll be launching in just a couple of months…your feet will be super stylish this autumn! 

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NEW THING: Apple Watch

So I often get parcels and every single parcel makes me excited, however this one literally killed me with excitement. As you’ll know if you follow me on literally any social network, yesterday a very awesome box turned up that was, indeed the Apple Watch. Now I know the camp is divided, some people love it and other people have no taste (😏) but I literally own everything Apple and my wrist was feeling left out. 

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London Fundom

This weekend I headed to London….and so it seems, half of the USA did, too. I was meant to have a cool PR meeting to do with this very website however it sadly got cancelled, don't you worry when a boy from The Shire is in the city, he knows how to have a good time. This blog post is sort of just a general chat, how I got around, where I stayed and what I recommend you go and have a look at if you’re in the city any time soon! FYI I am writing this on the train, let’s excuse any spelling error or nonsensical chatter…just for today!

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*Once a month there is a very exciting delivery at Chateau Squire, I am pretty sure I know the exact thud that GQ makes on the doormat (it’s sort of a plasticy thud if you were wondering). As something of a style God, a modest one of course, I love having a good flick through the style editorials, advertorials and even sometimes tutorials that laden the pages of possibly the world’s best men’s mag (FYI Esquire, you still hold a dear place in my heart. forever.) 

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What's In My Suitcase

So I went away at the weekend and recorded a quick 'What's in my suitcase' vlog - the lighting is a bit poor but hopefully you'l forgive me and have a watch of my first ever vlog! Don't forget to head over to YouTube to subscribe. 

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